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In  order  to  enhance the  export  sector,  the  Government has  established  the Ethiopia  Commodity Exchange  (ECX). ECX is a marketplace where  buyers and sellers come together to trade,  assured of quality, delivery  and  payment. ECX assures all  commodity market   players  the  security  they  need   in  the  market through providing a secure and reliable end-to-end system for handling, grading, and  storing commodities, matching offers and  bids for commodity transactions, and  a risk-free payment and  goods  delivery  system to settle transactions, while serving all fairly and efficiently

The coffee-dominated export  sector of the country  has exhibited high price variations  from season to season. These variations  are a combined effect of the factors  affecting domestic  supply and  the periodic trends of the global coffee demand and supply situations. Also, the variation can be seen between different varieties and  grades  of coffee. Some varieties like the Yeirgacheffe and Sidama command  considerable premium in  the  international market.  Export receipts were US$ 375.9 million in 2008/09.

Export earnings  from oil seeds, the second largest  export  commodity went  up from US$ 219 million in 2007/08 to US$ 356.1 million in 2008/09 due  to the increase in the international market  prices.

In 2008/09, the receipts  from the export of pulses, leather and leather  products as well  as  fruits and  vegetables were  US$ 90.7, US$ 75.3 and   US$ 12.1  millions respectively.

Earnings from meat  and  meat  products exports rose to US$ 26.6 million in 2008/09 from US$ 20.9 million in 2007/08 due  to higher  exports to the Middle East. There was also an increase in earnings  from the export  of live animals, which  reached US$ 52.7 million in 2008/09 due to better international prices. The receipt obtained from the export  of cut  flowers was US$ 130.7 in 2008/09 compared to US$ 111.8 in

Similarly, the receipt from 'chat' reached US$ 138.7 million in 2008/09. Gold export also increased from US$ 78.8 million in the year 2007/08 to US$ 97.8 million in 2008/09.

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