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Ethiopia has  a large population and thus potentially one of the largest domestic markets in Africa. Beyond the domestic market, by virtue  of its membership of the Common  Market  for  Eastern  and  Southern Africa  (COMESA)  embracing  19 countries with a population of over 400 million,Ethiopia enjoys preferential market access to  these  countries. Ethiopia's proximity to  the  Middle East also  offers potential market opportunities.

The country also qualifies for preferential access to European Union market under the EU's Everything-But-Arms (EBA) initiative and to USA markets under the African Growth and Opportunities Act  (AGOA). Thus, most Ethiopian products can enter into   these   markets quota  and  duty   free.   Furthermore, a  broad  range  of manufactured goods from Ethiopia are  entitled to preferential access under the Generalized System  of  Preference (GSP) in USA, most  countries of  the  EU and other developed countries. No quota restrictions are placed on Ethiopian exports falling under the 4800 products currently eligible for GSP treatment.

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