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Project LocationThe project site lies at Guba in Beneshangul- Gumuz Regional Administrative State some 750km on road, north ¨C west of Addis Ababa through Debre Markos and turn to left at Kosober to Chagni Guba. There is also an alternative 850km road west of Addis Ababa, through Nekempt , Assosa , Gizen , Guba.
Project LocationGibe III Hydro-electric Power Project is located along the lower course of the Omo River, some 155 km downstream of Gilgel Gibe II Project Powerhouse. The Project site is located in the Southern Nations Nationalities & Peoples Regional State at a distance of about 470 km from Addis Ababa on road.
Gennalle Dawa III hydroelectric power project is capacitated to generate 254 MW. The project is funded by Ethiopian and Chinese government with 451,058,001 USD budget allocations. 60% of this foreign currency is covered by Exim Bank of China, the rest by the Ethiopian government.