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Investment Permit

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The Ethiopian Investment Agency (EIA is the government organ responsible for promoting, coordinating and facilitating foreign investment in the country. It is a one-stop-shop for all investors in Ethiopia, and renders different services ( )
A foreign investor who plans to engage in Investment in Ethiopia, or a domestic one or a partnership of foreign and domestic investors: all these need to know the investment procedures in order to apply for investment permit to invest in Ethiopia or to expand or upgrade their existing investments. The investment procedures in Ethiopia are also laid out in the investment proclamations and regulations.
Investment Permit:
The following investors shall be required to obtain investment permits:
•    Foreign investors;
•    Foreign nationals, not Ethiopians by origin, treated as  domestic investors pursuant to Article 2(5) of the Proclamation No.769/2012;
•    Domestic investors investing in areas eligible for incentives and who are seeking to be beneficiaries of such incentives;
•    Domestic and foreign investors investing in partnerships.
Investing without Investment permit
Domestic investors, excluding foreign nationals who does not have Ethiopian origin, shall have the right to invest without investment permit, in conformity with relevant laws of the country , if they engage in areas not eligible for incentives or waiving their rights of entitlements in those areas eligible for incentives.

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