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Institutional Framework

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The Investment Proclamation of 2002. as amended in 2003, and the Regulations on Investment Incentives and Investment Areas Reserved for Domestic Investors of 2003, as amended in 2008, constitute the main legal framework for both foreign and domestic investment in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Investment Agency (EIA) is an autonomous government institution accountable to  the  Investment Board. The Board  is chaired by  the  Minister  of Trade  and Industry. The EIA is headed by a director general who  is also member of the Board.

The EIA has restructured itself recently with  a view  to  promoting more  FDI and improving the services  it renders to investors.

The maj0r activities of the EIA and the one-stop shop services it renders to foreign investors  are  the following:
•  promoting the country's investment opportunities and conditions to
foreign and domestic investors;
• issuing investment permits, work permits, trade registration certificates and business licenses;
• registering technology transfer  agreements and export-oriented non-equity-based foreign enterprise collaborations with domestic investors;
•  negotiating and, upon government approval, signing bilateral investment promotion and protection treaties with other countries;
•  advising the government on policy measures needed to create an attractive investment climate for investors; and
•  assisting investors in the acquisition of land, utilities, etc., and providing otheT pre and post-approval services  to investors.

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