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Tourists and writers who have been to Ethiopia wonder why Ethiopia's tourism potential is still so little known. According to December 12,2002 edition of Our World, "Those who have discovered Ethiopia would probably like to keep the secret to themselves." In any case, the message is starting to filter through. Tourism in Ethiopia is growing slowly but surely.
The Ethiopian Government recognizes that the delivery of infrastructural services, such as transport (road, rail and air), telecommunications and postal services, energy and water have a long way to go before they meet the demand of investors.
Ethiopia offers excellent opportunities for mineral prospecting and development. According to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, "Ethiopia's green stone belts offer one of the finest areas for gold mineralization any where in the world," and already more than 500 metric tons of gold deposits have been identified by Government exploration efforts.
Investment in the provision of agricultural support services such as pest and disease control, technical consultancy, agricultural machinery, cold storage, transport and marketing services offer considerable scope.
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