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Customs Procedures

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The Re-establishment   and  Modernization of   Customs   Authority  Proclamation   No. 60/1997 or 60/1989 EC and its amendment Proclamation No. 368/2003 or 368/1995 EC .

Declaration, Examination and Release of Goods

  • Lodgement of Customs declaration
  • Supporting Documents of Customs Declaration
  • Verification of Documents and Examination of Goods
  • Examination at the request of Importer
  • Delivery of Goods

Lodgement of Customs Declaration

  • Except exempted by directives all goods entered in accordance with Article 17 of the proclamation shall forthwith lodged for clearance in aspect copies of customs declaration.
  • Goods exempted form clearance shall be determined by directives issued by the Customs Board
  • Where customs clearing agent applies for hold function and fulfils supporting documents pre lodgement of customs declaration may be allowed for and five days before the arrival of the goods  at customs port. However, if the goods do not arrive within the five days, a new declaration shall be lodged at the time of arrival of the goods.
  • The Authority may allow goods to be cleared urgently due to their nature or the reason they are required for. The details and the reasons that justify this procedure shall be prescribed in the directives issued by the authority.
  • All information supplied in the customs declaration shall be filled and signed by the customs clearing agent.
  • Any imported goods registered for home consumption shall be identified and declared in Customs declaration.
  • Goods entered for an out right exports or temporary export shall be declared in Customs declaration.
  • Customs declaration accepted by the entry reception shall immediately be registered for the accomplishment of customs formalities.
  • Customs declaration may be lodged orally, by bodily action or electronically. The ministry may issue directives as to the goods and conditions of lodging Customs declaration orally, by bodily action or electronically.
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