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Commercial Registration

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Business registration is a mandatory requirement to start a business or investment in Ethiopia. No person can engage in any commercial activity without registering in the commercial register. Commercial register is administered by Ministry of Trade, and the Ministry of trade delegates the registrations of any commercial activities to different federal government institutions such as Ethiopian Investment Agency, and regional bureaus. The delegated registering bodies at different levels have responsibility to forward the registered information to the Central Trade Name Register at trade ministry. Currently, business registrations and licensing procedures are in accordance to the Commercial Registration and Business Licensing Proclamation No 686/2010.
Registration in the Commercial Register

  • No person shall engage in any commercial activity which requires business license without being registered in the commercial register.
  • Any person shall be registered in the commercial register, at the place where the head office of his business is situated.
  • Any person shall register in the commercial register only once, even though he carries on different commercial activities in different regions.
  • Any person who opens branch offices in many places shall inform the registering office where his branch office is situate
  • Any Application to register in the commercial register shall be submitted to the registering office/ Ministry of Trade or its delegated offices/ by a person who wants to engage in a commercial activity by completing the application form and attaching the relevant documents at least one month before he starts operation.
  • Where any application to register in the commercial register that has been submitted to the registering office is found acceptable, the registering office shall register the applicant and issue to him a certificate of registration upon payment of the prescribed fee.
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